CuViBox is a web application with this main objectives:

  1. Collect employee detailed CVs.
  2. Allow advanced search in the enterprise employee CV database
  3. Export CVs found to custom office formats
  4. Exploit your employee data, their knowledge and experiencies, using BI tools to assist you in the decission taking processes.

CV search

A new project opportunity has emerged for oen of our clients, but they request very specific profiles and will compare the curricula offered among other competitors. Do we have in the company the appropriate profiles? We email our 5000 employees...:

Who knows someone with at least 5 years experience developing with Java, B2 spanish level, with travel availability, IT engineer and that has worked before in some project for the bank GoodBank?,.... it's very urgent!!

... we may have those profiles in our enterprise, but they may not get the email, or they may not answer at time.

From medium to big enterprises, it's impossible to solve this issue in an efficent manner, and here is where CuViBox can help, allowing your employees register their CVs in a centralized database, where you will be able to make advanced searches like the one in the example above.

CV export

Once we've found the right personnel, we realise our client wants the CVs in their own format: MS-Word, with a photo of the employee, using a specific font and showing custom information of the CV.

Hurry up! Send us your CV in this format we've attached to this email. It's the one our client needs. We need it for this afternoon!

Once again!, the employee is required to generate an office document with the same information, only because formats have changed, or the client wants the data in different positions. A hard, tedious and urgent work, that returns no value.

We must realize that the more experience and knowledge an employee has, the more will be his salary and his costs per hour, but also he will have a bigger CV. So, we'll use the most expensive hours preparing the longest CVs.

With CuViBox the employee registers his CV only once, and will never have to create different office versions of it. Also he doesn't have to begin from scratch 'cause he can import it from the Europass format.

All the data the employee submits are available to use it with our CV templates, and you will be able to request new CV templates to suit your needs using our template customization service. Then these templates will be available for later use for all your enterprise, or selected offices if you want.