Here are the main features of CuViBox. If you want to get more details, you can take a look at our Support Center or register for a free account to try it by yourself.

Store  your employees knowledge and experiences

  • Your employees and applicants will record their CVs themselves, using a simple and responsive interface.
  • Use your own catalog of clients and projects to automatically fill your employees professional experiences.
  • CVs can be imported from Europass format. Then you can complete them in CuViBox.
  • Each employee will be able to register as many CVs as they need, in different languages and with different objectives.
  • Add your own custom fields at any level and collect the information you need, which will also be available for searches and exports.
  • Track employees who have no CV or haven't updated their CVs in a while and send custom email notifications.

Search  appropriate people for the job

  • With our advanced search tool you'll locate your employees or applicants using different criteria based on their CV and employee data.
  • Review located CVs and add them to your CV cart.
  • Manage different CV carts created with different objectives and store them for later use.

Export  your employees CVs to office formats

  • Export your employees or applicants CVs to different office formats with only one click: MS-Word, MS-Powerpoint, MS-Excel, and LibreOffice formats.
  • Use our template customization service to create new CV templates and make them available for all your enterprise, all only to certain offices.
  • Your employees will never have to re-create their CV in another format for another client anymore.

Know  where your potential is

  • Create complete reports and get the information of your main asset, your employees.
  • Align your training strategies with your enterprise's strategic objectives.
  • Get graphics of your business in terms of experience and knowledge, and position yourself against the competition and the current market.

User roles at CuViBox

In CuViBox you can register different types of user to adapt the use of the application to your needs:

  • All users are employees.
  • Some may search the database and export CVs to office documents, they are the searchers.
  • From the personnel department, managers can update employee data, including registering or modifying CVs of other employees.
  • Finally, the administrator is the owner of the CuViBox account, responsible for subscriptions and general settings.


These user roles would be used in a common CuViBox setup:

Role Functions


  • Can register their own CVs and keep them updated.
  • Each employee can register various CVs using different languages and with distinct objectives.
  • Can launch advanced searches in the CV database, exporting the results to any available office format.
  • This role is usually assigned to HR or commercial support staff of the enterprise.
  • Searchers are also employees, so they can register their own CVs.
  • Are in charge or registering new employees and updating their data. 
  • They have access to the Business Intelligence tools, graphs and reports about experience and knowledge of your company's employees
  • Can create and edit your enterprise CV templates and assign them to specific offices.
  • They can launch searches and export results to office documents, as Searchers can.
  • Of course they can also register their own CVs.
  • Is the user that registers your enterprise in CuViBox.
  • Configures custom fields, offices, professional categories, account data and other referential data.
  • Manages CuViBox user licences and plans.
  • There is only one user of this kind in each enterprise.
Roles de usuario en CuViBox

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