These are the next CuViBox versions we have planned. Using you will always have inmediate and free access to newly implemented features.

Remember you can request your own features using our Support Center.

1.18.0 - Copies of certificates

  • Allow uploads of certificates copies: your employees and applicants will be able to attach scanned copies of their certificates. These documents will be attached to concrete training records, or to the complete CV.
  • Certificate printing on the CV: certificates attached to a CV could be shown in some CV exports to office formats.
  • Certificates download: you will be able to see the certificates of a CV on our web, as well as download them all in a compressed file with one click,

Recent releases

1.17.0 - Paypal integration and plan simplification

  • Licensing is now only based on the number of CVs you manage with CuViBox.

1.16.0 - Paypal integration and plan simplification

  • Integration with Paypal Payments gateway and bank transfer payment method.

1.15.0 - Delegated CV edition

  • Using delegated CV edition, Administrators and Managers can create and edit other employees CVs.
  • At account level you can configure if Administrators and Managers can edit other employees CVs.

1.14.0 - CuViBox on-premise v.1.0.0 and CuViBox cloud

  • On premises version of CuViBox: CuViBox on-premise is the version of CuViBox to be installed in your own infraestructure. It's a fork of the main project, so it has all the functionalities to execute it in your own servers.
  • New services: together with CuViBox on-premise we'll activate new value added services like:
    • Installation and configuration support: we'll help you in the installation and setup process of your own CuViBox.
    • Updates: to keep you up to date with the latest functionalities and improvements implemented for
    • Integrations: we can integrate CuViBox with your own information systems: HHRR, training, staffing, etc...
    • Custom development: just tell us what you need. We can develop any custom functionality for you inside CuViBox.

1.13.0 - License management for CuViBox on-premise

  • Administrator user of each account can generate licenses for CuViBox on-premise installations.
  • Licenses can be of two types: perpetual or evaluation.
  • Evaluation licenses allow you to use CuViBox on-premise with 1000 users during one month.
  • Perpetual licenses allow you to use the contracted number of users forever. You can also contract updates and support from CuViBox, so you can keep your CuViBox instance up to date with the last developed improvements and functionalities.

1.12.0 - Custom fields

  • The administrator will be able to define custom fields and attach them to any level: employee profile, curriculum, experiences, skills, courses, etc...
  • In every field definition, the administrator will configure the field name, data type (date, number, text, list...), if it's compulsary or not, and other presentation configurations.
  • Employees will be able to fill in the custom field values. These data could also be loaded using the employee massive data uploads.
  • CVs will be filtered by the values stored in these custom fields.
  • Custom fields could be used as any other data in the CV export templates.

1.11.0 - External CV load

  • CV load from Linkedin: your employees and candidates will be able to load their CV from Linkedin ®, and later on they'll complete it or update it from CuViBox. This way, your employees will save time by not having to record their CV from scratch.
  • CV load from Europass: many of your employees and applicants have already fulfilled their CV using Europass ® format. CuViBox will allow them to load this document as a new CV that could be edited or completed later on our platform.