CuViBox on-premise premium features

You can use CuViBox on-premise indefinitely without including the premium features described below. If you want, you can generate a trial license of CuViBox on-premise to see all the features in action and then upgrade to a perpetual license or continue using the free version.

CV tracking

  • Keep your CV database up to date by launching customized CV update campaigns.
  • Create campaigns by office, professional category or type of employee, filtering those who do not have a CV or who have not updated it in a certain number of months.
  • Customize the emails that will be sent in the update campaigns.
  • Track update notifications sent.
  • Download a list in Excel to process the information externally, if you wish.

Employee batch upload

  • Update your employees’ data massively by uploading a CSV file including the main data: professional category, hourly cost, office, etc…
  • Indicate each employee’s current project and it will automatically be added to the experiences section of their CVs. For those who do not have a CV, one will be created.
  • Manage new employees and leavings directly by inserting new records or informing the leaving date in the file.
  • Keep track of processed employee files.

Custom fields

  • Adapt the CV database to your needs by creating custom fields at any point of the employee, CV, knowledge, experience,… 
  • Create selection, boolean, text, number or date fields, indicating whether they are mandatory, their appearance, labels, etc.
  • Search using custom fields like any other data and display them in your CV templates.

CV carts

  • Use CV Carts to store your CV selections.
  • Activate any cart to retrieve previous selections, add CVs or export them to Office.
  • Enter information related to the selection you have made: objectives, proposal, project, etc.


  • Obtain statistics on the knowledge of your employees, the HR pyramid of your company and the updating degree of the CV database.
  • You can filter all charts by office.
  • Know where the potential of your company is.

Unification of skills and certifications

  • Unify your company’s skills and certifications to keep them standardized and improve the data quality of your CV database.
  • Avoid mistakes and speed up the introduction of your employees’ skills and certifications.