Get a CuVibox on-premise license

There are two types of CuViBox licenses:

  • Evaluation: let you use a fully functional CuViBox instance with a maximum of 1000 CVs managed for one month.
  • Perpetual: with this license you can use CuViBox forever, with the only limitation of the maximum number of CVs you contracted.

Get an evaluation license

Log into and access the menu “Account > CuViBox on-premise“:


Then select the “Evaluation licenses” tab and click on the bottom button “Create new evaluation license“.

You’ll get a new license code that you shall use in the installation wizard or configure it directly in the /cuvibox-config/cuvibox-config.ini file, if you have already completed the CuViBox installation.

Get an perpetual license

With a perpetual license of CuViBox you are allowed to use a CuViBox on-premise instance in your enterprise forever, with the only limitation on the number of CVs you contracted.

To get a quote including the payment method details, access the menu “Account > CuViBox on-premise” and click on the button “Request perpetual license“.

You will be presented a form where you can introduce the maximum number of CVs you want to manage in CuViBox.