Get a CuVibox on-premise license

You can use CuViBox on-premise for free, but if you want to get the premium features you’ll need a valid license. There are two types of CuViBox licenses:

  • Evaluation: let you use a fully functional CuViBox instance with a maximum of 50 CVs managed for one month.
  • Perpetual: with this license you can use CuViBox forever, with the only limitation of the maximum number of CVs you contracted.

Get an evaluation license

Register for a CuViBox account, log in, and and access the menu “Account > CuViBox on-premise“:


Then select the “Evaluation licenses” tab and click on the bottom button “Create new evaluation license“.

You’ll get a new license code that you can configure in your CuViBox instance accesing the menu “Account > License” or directly in the /cuvibox-config/cuvibox-config.ini.

Get an perpetual license

With a perpetual license of CuViBox you are allowed to use a CuViBox on-premise instance in your company forever, with the only limitation on the number of CVs you contracted.

To get a quote including the payment method details, access the menu “Account > CuViBox on-premise” and click on the button “Request perpetual license“.

You will be presented a form where you can introduce the maximum number of CVs you want to manage in CuViBox.