Installation instructions

1. Prepare the environment

We recommend you to use our Docker version, where all the environment is already set up. In that case you can go directly to the installation step.

1.1. Web server

You’ll need a web server which meet these requirements:

  • HTTP Server with mod_rewrite enabled.
  • PHP 7.3 with extensions : mbstring, intl, pdo_mysql, mbstring, zip and gd.
  • Ioncube installed according to your OS and PHP version.
  • Database MySQL 5.1.1 or greater, or MariaDB 5.5.

1.2. Database

CuViBox on-premise uses a MySQL or MariaDB database. Create an empty MySQL schema, and a user with all the rights over it. You’ll need these data (server, database, user and password) in the next steps.

These sentences may help:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON cuvibox_db.* TO 'cuvibox_user'@'hostname' IDENTIFIED BY 'cuvibox_password';

1.3. Configure jobs

There are some jobs that CuViBox on-premise needs to launch automatically. If you are in a Linux environment these are the jobs:

# Updates months using ongoing knowledges, at 1AM on the first day of each month
0 1 1 * * /var/www/html/bin/cake Cuvibox updateOngoingKnowledges
# Send mails to activate new users registered in batch mode, every 5 minutes
*/5 * * * * /var/www/html/bin/cake Cuvibox sendUserActivationLinks
# Updates CV age, at midnight on the first day of the month
0 0 1 * * /var/www/html/bin/cake Cuvibox updateCvAge
# Send CV tracking emails, every 10 minutes
*/10 * * * * /var/www/html/bin/cake Cuvibox sendCvTrackingEmails

If you are using Windows or Mac, just configure it to launch the /bin/cake executable with the parameters shown above.

2. Download

Download CuViBox on-premise using the following link and decompress it into your web server home folder:

3. Install

Point your browser to the location where your web server is responding and you’ll get the first step from the installation wizard:

3.1. Server configuration

Configure the server settings:

  • Database configuration: host, database, user and password.
  • Email settingsCuViBox sends emails when needed. Specially important to recover your password if you lose it, ’cause they are stored encrypted.
  • Server settings:
    • CuViBox base server URL: We recommend you to publish it in a root folder, with its own domain or in a subdomain, for example:
    • Protocol: http or https.
    • Default language: default language of the application (each user can choose another).

3.2. Database population

In this step you just have to press the “continue” button. All the database structures and initial referential data will be created. Depending on your hardware it could take from 30 seconds to one minute, so don’t stop the process until it’s finished.

3.3. Administrator account creation

The last step: introduce the administrator credentials and finish the installation.

3.4. First login and next steps

Now you have CuViBox on-premise installed. We recomend you to login and configure:

4. Newsletter subscription

We recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter to keep you informed about new versions and other interesting articles to get the best of your CuViBox installation:

CuViBox on-premise Pro

CuViBox on-premise Free has everything you need to manage your CVs database, although we recommend 
getting a license to enjoy the premium features .