Installation wizard

After you have downloaded and deployed the application to the web server, and also created a MySQL schema and user, you are ready to launch the installation wizard. If you used docker, the cuvibox and mariadb images already did it all for you.

Simply access the URL where you have deployed CuViBox, and the assistant will be launched automatically.  The assistant consist of four steps:

CuViBox license configuration

Simply introduce the CuViBox on-premise license code. If you don’t have one, follow these instructions.

Server settings

Configure the server settings:

  • Database configuration: host, database, user and password.
  • Email settingsCuViBox sends emails when needed. Specially important to recover your password if you lose it, ’cause they are stored encrypted.
  • Server settings:
    • CuViBox base server URL: We recommend you to publish it in a root folder, with its own domain or in a subdomain, for example:
    • Protocol: http or https.
    • Default language: default language of the application (each user can choose another).

Database population

In this step you just have to press the “continue” button. All the database structures and initial referential data will be created. Depending on your hardware it could take from 30 seconds to one minute, so don’t stop the process until it’s finished.

Administrator account creation

The last step: introduce the administrator credentials and finish the installation.

CuViBox on premise is installed and ready to go. You will be presented a note to activate the cronjobs if you haven’t already done in the manual installation process (if you use our docker image, it’s already configured).

We hope you enjoy CuViBox!