Skills and certifications management in CuViBox on-premise

To finish this 2022 year, we’ve just released CuViBox on-premise version 1.22.0, which includes these features already present in our cloud version:

  • Skills management:
    • CV knowledge section is now standardized.
    • Managers can load and review the skills matrix of the company, unifying skills and creating synonyms.
    • Filters and statistics are now more accurate thanks to standardization.
  • Certifications management:
    • Now users can upload their certifications to their profile.
    • You can filter CVs searching by certifications and download selected CVs certificates in a ZIP file, together with the formatted CVs.
    • You get statistics on your company’s popular certifications.
    • Certification types can be maintained by managers, to keep them standardized.

You can follow the instructions on this video to download and deploy CuViBox in your own servers within minutes, and have your company’s CVs management system in your own IT infraestructure.

You can also download and install CuViBox in your custom PHP-ready web server following these instructions.