Account data

You can configure your account data from the menu “Account > Account data“. You’ll see three tabs:

Enterprise data

Where you can edit your enterprise data:


  • Email footer: you can create a custom email footer that will be used in all the emails sent from CuViBox for your account.
  • Footer logo: it is shown in the left footer of every page, so you can give CuViBox a more corporative look.
  • Documents logo: is the image that will be shown at the foot of CV templates (if it is configured that way).v


In this tab you’ll find settings that affect the behavior (functions and processes) of CuViBox for all your account.

  • Allow others CVs edition: if you check this, users with role administrator and manager will be able to create and modify CVs of other employees.

Change account subdomain

In CuViBox cloud each enterprise has its own subdomain “”. This subdomain is reserved from the registration form. If you’d like to change it, please send as a ticket.