CuViBox DEMO environment available

We’ve created a DEMO environment that you can use directly as a sandbox to play with CuViBox, and see if it fits your company needs in a few minutes. You just have to select the role you want to log in with:

The DEMO environment has been populated with some test data: employees, CVs, skills, certifications, .. so you can directly search for CVs, pick them, and export them using any of our CV templates.

You can see all CuViBox features in action, for every user role:

  • Administrator: Has access to all the features: account configuration included.
  • Manager: Maintains the employee database, the referential data (skills, certifications,..), etc.. Normally used by HHRR people.
  • Searcher: Can use advanced filters to search for employees and CVs, and export them to custom office documents with one click. Normally assigned to the commercial team.
  • Employee: Can create and update their own CVs.

If you prefer it, you can always book a personalized demo session with us, where we will solve any doubt about the platform you may have.