CV export to office documents

From the search form you can:

  • Open a CV to see it in detail, just clicking on each row.
  • Pick it and add it to your active cart, clicking on the checkmark on each row.

At the top right corner of the main menu you can always see the Cart link. When you click on it, it will show you the active cart contents:

After you have selected the CVs that you need for your commercial propossal, you just have to click the “Export CVs” button, to transform them in an office document using your custom template.

Note you can filter the available templates using three criterias:

  • Document type: MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint, Opendocument Text, Opendocument Impress,…
  • Template literals language: The language that the template uses on its literal strings and labels.
  • Office: Templates can be assigned to specific offices, so you can filter them by that field. This is useful when you have templates that are mainly used by certain offices, because they are oriented to the main clients of that office.

Templates in CuViBox have three visibility levels:

  • Public: templates that are publicly available. All the users from CuViBox can see them.
  • Enterprise: templates created only for your enterprise. In CuViBox on-premise, the public and enterprise levels are actually the same, ’cause all the templates are available only for your enterprise.
  • Inactive: only managers can see this tab. They are the templates that you are preparing or testing, and are only visible to managers.