Referential data

Administrator users can edit referential data to adapt them to the enterprise. Actually, when you first register or when you install CuViBox on-premise, you should edit these data:

  • Employee types: Initially there are some standard types: contracted, applicant, .. but you can define new ones.
  • Professional categories: initially there is a default “Employee” category. Before loading users you’ll need to add their employee categories here.
  • Offices: your enterprise offices. Each employee is attached to one of your enterprise offices.
  • Additional information categories: You can add new additional information categories. Additional informations are optional text fields the employees can add in their CVs.

Languages and internationalization

CuViBox has internationalization built-in. This means that it’s prepared to show labels and referential data on the language that the users selects in their profile. Also data shown in CVs taken from referential data tables, is internationalized. Everytime you see a flag in the secondary menu right corner, you know you should translate it to other languages. For example, the professional category “Application programmer” should be “Programador de aplicaciones” in spanish.

Employee types

Global and enterprise data

In CuViBox cloud, there are some referential data, like the employee types we saw above, that are shared between different CuViBox instances, so you can’t modify those categories. You have full rights over the categories or referential data you create for your enterprise.