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CuViBox cloud is our SaaS service which you can begin using immediately. We host an instance for your enterprise that will be accessible through a subdomain of your choice, like 

Using CuViBox cloud has many advantages like:

  • You can immediately begin using the platform. No installation or technical issues.
  • You will be always using the latest version of CuViBox, including all the new features to come, and all the new public CV templates.
  • You don't have to worry about performance, accessibility, availability, backups, etc... we'll do it.
  • Your connection is secured using our SSL certificate.

CuViBox cloud price calculator

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Yearly (10% discount):

If you need more than 10000 CVs, please, contact us and we'll prepare a special quote for you.

How much could you save?

One of the main advantages of using CuViBox is that you can generate pre-formatted office documents with the CVs of your employees, that you could use in your commercial proposals. Introduce the next parameters to know how much you could save only with this feature.

How many commercial proposals including CVs you make a year.
How many hours do you spend on the CV section of each proposal.
What's the medium rate of the employees who prepare the CV section.

Please, introduce the three parameters to calculate how much you could save.

Realize CuViBox has other features, like Business Intelligence reports, that are not taken into account here.

What is CuViBox on-premise

Your enterprise security requirements or policies don't let  you use the cloud version of CuViBox? No problem, with CuViBox on-premise you can install a fully functional copy of CuViBox in your own servers. This way you can have your employees CV database, managed entirely by you.

Download and install

To download CuViBox on-premise first you must register and request a DEMO license. Actually we encourage you to try CuViBox cloud before downloading, so you can see if it really satisfies your needs.

Pricing and licensing

All our on-premise licenses are perpetual so you are allowed to use CuViBox forever with the only restriction on the maximum number of CVs managed by the application. In the next table you can see the initial prices and also the upgrade ones:

    Number of CVs - TO
    500 2500 5000 10000 15000
Number of CVs
0 3.000,00 € 6.000,00 € 9.000,00 € 12.000,00 € 18.000,00 €
500 - 3.010,40 € 6.016,00 € 9.022,40€ 15.028,80 €
2500 - - 3.016,00 €   6.022,40 €    12.028,80 €
5000 - - - 3.022,40 € 9.028,80 €
10000 - - - - 6.028,80 €
15000 - - - - -

For example, the initial purchase to manage a maximum number of 2.500 CVs would cost 6.000,00€ (FROM=0, TO=2500). Similarly, if you later decide to extend the maximum number of managed CVs from 2.500 to 5.000, you would only have to pay 3.016,00€ (FROM=2500, TO=5000).

New and upgraded installations of CuViBox on-premise have one year of updates and support included.

Updates and support service

We are continuously adding new improvements and features to CuViBox as you can see in our blog. If you decide to go on cloud version, you will automatically have them all running. In case you choose this on-premise version we offer you a yearly updates and support service. This way you will always have the latest functionalities with the best performance:

  • With the application updates service you will be able to download and install new versions of CuViBox safely over your running system.
  • With the support service, we will solve any question you have immediately, is it technical or functional.

These is the pricing table for CuViBox on-premise updates and support service:

Users Price
500 1.000,00 €
2500 1.300,00 €
5000 2.000,00 €
10000 2.800,00 €
15000 3.600,00 €


For more information, please access our Support Center or contact us.