Custom fields

We have put special interest in having a very complete CV, where you can store all the important information. But there are sometimes that you need an special field that only applies to your enterprise or to some special cases. To cover this kind of issues you can use Custom Fields.

As an administrator open the menu “Employees > Custom fields“. You’ll get to the custom field administration screen. You see you can add new custom fields at any point of the employee and CV:

  • Employees
  • CV
  • Courses
  • Experiences
  • Knowledges



To create a new custom field to an entity just press the Add button in the coresponding tab. Remember custom fields are internationalizable, this means that you have to provide a translation for the field label and description for each language.


These are the custom fields data:

Field Description
Field type
  • You must choose between: number, text, date, boolean, select box.
  • When you save the field you won’t be able to change its type anymore.
  • Each custom type field will be shown in different way: combo select for selects, date selector for dates, checkbox for boolean, and input boxes for numbers and texts.
  • Internal name of the field. This name will be used when you want to show it in the CV templates.
  • To make it different from the rest of the employee and CV data, the string “cf_” will be automatically added at the beginning.
Field label
  • Label that will be shown in the screen together with the field data.
  • Help text that will be shown to the user when filling this field.
  • Position where this field is shown in the screen in relation to other custom fields of this entity.
  • Is this field required? if you check this, any form containing the field won’t be validated unless the field is informed.
  • If marked, this field will be available in the advanced search form. Only applies to employees and CV entities.
Regular expression
  • You can define a regular expression of your choice to validate text fields.
  • Applies only to text fields.
Minimum and maximum length
  • Minimum and maximum field length in characters.
  • Applies only to text fields.

Custom data editing

Custom data once linked to an entity is available to fill it, depending on the selected entity:



Custom data searches

You’ll be able to launch searches using any field that you checked as searcheable in the Employee and CV entities: