CuViBox GDPR compliance

The terms of the GDPR are clearly displayed when new accounts are registered in CuViBox . These terms must be explicitly accepted.

In this case, you give us the details of your company, employees and candidates and CuViBox acts as Data Controller of your data. As such, we provide you with all rights: as complete account data download, account deletion, and visibility about all GDPR events occurring on your account.

In the case of your relationship (of your company) with your employees and candidates, we also help you to comply with the regulation as you can see here.

These options are available from the CuViBox account data window in “Account> Account data”:

Downloading data from your CuViBox account

When you download your account data, a ZIP file will be generated containing:

  • An XML file with all the data of your CuViBox account, including employee data, their CVs, experiences, templates, etc, …
  • A folder structure with all the files uploaded to CuViBox (employee photos, templates, etc …).

You can only generate one account data download file per day, and these files will be deleted from our server after a few minutes, so once generated we recommend you download it immediately.

Deactivation and deletion of CuViBox account

You can deactivate your account from the “GDPR> Deactivate account” submenu. Once your account is deactivated, no other user will be able to log in to your subdomain, which will be available to other companies.

Within a week, we will contact the user who requested the deactivation by mail, in order to confirm the complete deletion of the account data, except those that we must keep for legal purposes (billing and others).

GDPR Events

You can check all GDPR events from the same GDPR submenu: