CV advanced search

If you are manager or administrator you can access the search form in the menu “CVs > Search CVs”. Otherwise, if you are a searcher, you see it directly as “Search CVs” menu.

From the search form you can make very advanced searches using your employees profile and CV data.

Filter types

Each field label has a grey simbol in braces beside it. This symbol indicates how the data will be treated in the query:

  • (%), percentage: This is a “LIKE” condition. If you fill the field “Main degree” with the word “Engineer” you will get all the CVs of employees whose main degree is engineer, i.e.: Software Engineer, Telecom Engineer,…
  • (=), equal sign: You’ll get exactly the value you have introduced. If you set the filter to employees from the London Office, that’s what you’ll get.
  • (<=), less or equal: you can filter employees with cost less than 20.
  • (>=), greater or equal: you can search for employees with at least 24 months of experience in Java.

How advanced filters work

The search query is an “AND” query, which means that only CVs and employees who meet all the filters will be shown.

In multiple rows filters, like the ones you can define on Courses, Experiences, Knowledges, Languages and Additional Info, filters apply to different records on each row. For example, if you configure this:

… you’ll get employees who have some experience with Role “Project Manager” (with LIKE condition), and also has some experience working for the client “GoodBank”, but they don’t have to be in the same experience, which means that an employee could have been working as Programmer for the client GoodBank and as Project Manager for another client, and it will match this filter.
If you want these filters to apply together you must set them in the same row. With the next example, you could get all CVs that have experience as project managers for the Goodbank client, and also in some other experience (or even the same), have been working for the proavan company.

Advanced filter example

Let’s create a complex example. Suppose you want to filter your CV and employee database to meet all these criterias:

  • All the employees that are Software Engineers, based in the London Office, with a cost not greater than 30, travel availability and professional category of Project Manager.
  • You want the CVs directly redacted in English.
  • You also want him or her to have completed your internal courses of “Risks management” and “Scope management”, but you don’t have internal codes, so will filter by description.
  • You need him/her to have experience as Project Manager, and also some experience working for an specific client “the GoodBank bank”.
  • You want him/her to have a high level of SQL and Java with at least 3 years of experience on each.
  • You want the candidate to have the PMP and B2 certifications.
  • You need that the candidate knows how to read and write good german. Speaking is not so important.

You’d need to configure the search form this way, on each tab: