CV templates management

One of the main objectives of CuViBox is to make it easy to export your employees CV data to custom templates. Sometimes these templates are directly requested by potential clients who have their own CV format.

In CuViBox you can create and edit custom templates using our tag system. Then you can upload those templates to CuViBox, to make them available to all your enterprise users. You can do this all from the “Templates” menu, that is only shown to managers and administrators.


If you are using CuViBox cloud, only your own enterprise templates are available to edit. If you have a CuViBox on-premise instance, all the initiial templates are also available to edit.

You can create or edit any template, using the “New CV template” button in the secondary menu, or clicking on the edit button on any template record.

You can edit all the template attributes, including the template file itself. Using this form you can also link the template to an specific Office. This is useful when you have hundreds of templates and you want every office to be able to filter their own templates, mostly used with their clients.

Note there is also a “Active” check that you can use when creating new templates. Inactive templates will only be shown to managers and administrators, but not to searchers.