CV tracking campaigns

It’s very important for your enterprise to have the CV database updated, so you don’t lose commercial opportunities. With CV tracking, you can filter employees that have no CV or haven’t updated it for a long time, and send them custom emails to request them to fill them.

Accessing the menu “CVs > Tracking” you’ll get to the CV tracking filter form. Only managers and administrators have access to this functionality.

Using the filter type field Manager users will be able to detect which employees:

  • Have no CV
  • Haven’t updated their CV for a long time

You can also set other filters, like base office, professional category or employee type, so you can break your CV update campaigns in pieces.

You must press the “Search” button for the filter to be executed. You can navigate through the results, and when you are ready, press the “Send CV tracking emails button“. You’ll get a confirmation dialog before mails are sent.

When you confirm to launch the email campaign, you’ll be redirected to the notification log for that campaign. Mails will be processed in packages of 50 emails every 5 minutes.

If you access the “Notification log” menu, you’ll see the details of previously launched CV update campaigns:

Customize email templates

This can be done only by an Administrator user as it is a global setting.

You can customize your CV tracking email templates, accessing the menu “Account > Email templates


Click on any of the email templates to modify it:

You have a rich editor where you can introduce the text of the email notifications. You can use combination fields; just clicking on them and they will be inserted in the email text.

Note that there’s a flag at the secondary menu. This means that you can set different templates for each language. Each employee will be notified in their own language (the one they choose in their user profile).

Excel report download

If you press the “Download Excel” button  you’ll get an Excel file with all the data of the employees previously filtered. This could be useful if you want to process this data outside CuViBox in any other way.