Employee batch upload

When you have hundreds or thousand employees, you will only use manual updates ocassionally. We’ll explain you here how you can upload CSV files that will create new employees and also update their data.

Access the “Employees” menu and then click on “Employee file uploads” on the secondary menu. You’ll get to the list of previously uploaded files


Upload a new employee file

CuViBox searches for the user email in the CSV file in the database:

  • If found, updates all his data with the ones on the CSV file.
  • If it is not found, a new user will be created and notified by email to activate their accounts. Mails will be sent automatically in packages of 50 users every 5 minutes.

Click on the “New employees file” menu, and you’ll get to this form, where you can select your previously created CSV file. There you can find the complete instructions to create the employee files, including an example.
As all the employee files processed will be stored in CuViBox, we recommend you to give them some useful observations. For example, if you are uploading all the employees new or changed in your HHRR system in April 2016, just use that description.


When you upload a CSV file, you will be able to see the results of the validation process: