Manual employee management

You can create, edit or remove any employee from the main menu “Employees“.

You can locate an employee using the search form. Also, from any CV you’ve got a link that will take you to the employee profile.


You can edit all the employee data, including the “Employee Type”, where you can specify your company relationship with this professional: Hired, Subcontracted, Applicant…

Each employee can edit this data from his own profile, except for the employee identifier and employee cost.


Sending activation links

Every user needs to have an email validated to access CuViBox. When you create a new employee, CuViBox will automatically send an activation link. You can also choose to send it later using the corresponding menu item.

You can filter employees who haven’t verified their email accounts using the “Valid email” filter from the search form.

Deactivating users

You have two ways to deactivate users:

  • Set a leaving date on the employee data: this indicates that the employee is no longer working for the company. His CV and all his data all still there, but they will not appear when using the CV search form.
  • Click on the deactivate menu link.

Deactivated and leaving users won’t be able to log into CuViBox again until you reactivate them or unset the leaving date field.