Clients and projects maintenance

In CuViBox you can have your own database of clients and projects, so they can be reused by your employees in the “experiences” section of their CVs.

This option is only available for CuViBox managers and administrators . You can access the main menu «Ref. Data» and then click on “Clients” or “Projects”.

Clients management

You can create, edit, search and display the your customers main data:

Projects management

From the “Projects” menu you can manage your projects data. Every project belongs to a previously created client. In this table of projects descriptions and knowledge fields are filled usually as you’d like them to appear in the CVs, to reuse them later for commercial or exploitation purposes.

Automatic update of experience records

When a user uses a project as a reference in one of their experiences, he gets a complete copy of the project data, so that the user can customize it, if desired.

When modifying a project that has already been used in different CVs, only the experience records that have not been modified by the user will be updated, so changes made by users are kept.

This way we get the two features:

  • We can update the descriptions of the projects in a single place and this is immediately reflected in the CVs (not modified).
  • Employees can customize their CVs by adapting any section independently and safely.