Employee’s certificates maintenance

When viewing a CV details you can access the Certifications tab where you can view all your employee certificates.

Certificates are attached to employees. This means that you only have to upload your certificates once, and they will be shown in all your CVs.

From here you can download any certificate individually or download them all in a ZIP file pressing the “Download certificates” button.

Creating and editing certificates

You can upload new certificates by pressing to “New certificate” button:

Begin writing your certificate title and pick. The field will auto-complete with existing certification types, but if you don’t find the one you need, you can simply write your certificate title and it will be created.

Pick the certificate file you want to upload, 2MB PDF and images (JPG and PNG) files are allowed.

If the certification has an expiration date, it’s important that you fill it, so it is not used in commercial proposals.

Remember that, if configured, users with “manager” role can maintain any employee’s certificates.