Skills matrix

CuViBox allows you to easily maintain the skills and knowledge matrix of your company so you get these benefits:

  • Standardize the skills of the company’s employees.
  • Facilitate the editing of CVs by employees.
  • Facilitate the location of professional profiles.
  • Obtain reliable statistics on the knowledge accumulated in the company.

How the skills matrix works

Each employee, when entering the knowledge and skills they possess, has the option of choosing an existing element that is auto-completed, or creating a new one, directly writing a new value.

These new values ​​create directly new entries in the skills matrix, which are immediately available for auto-complete by other employees.

Maintenance of the skills matrix and synonyms

manager user , normally from HR department, will be able to maintain the skills matrix by accessing the menu: “Reference data > Skills”. Managers can create new skills and associate synonyms or corrections to them. In this way we prevent errors or unwanted values ​​from being introduced by employees, since the synonyms will be immediately replaced by the associated skill when editing the CVs.

Skills unification

A manager user may also unify skills. Suppose that when reviewing the skills matrix (what we recommend doing periodically), the manager realizes that there are three skills entered in CVs that really refer to the same thing, as can be seen in the following screenshot:

In this case, the manager can choose “MySQL” as the main skill, clicking on the “Unify” button, so the result will be:

  • The other two skills become synonyms of the “MySQL” skill.
  • All the CVs that refer to the other skills, now refer to “MySQL”.

As a result, we would have the unified skill, with its synonyms, and referencing the CVs of the unified skills: