Certifications management in CuViBox

Now you can manage your employee’s and applicant’s certifications in CuViBox.

  • Your employees will upload their certificates to CuViBox. Employees certificates are shared between all their CVs, so they only have to do it once.
  • Your searchers (commercial team) and managers (normally HHRR people), will be able to filter CVs for certified profiles, considering certification expiration.
  • Once you have finished picking CVs and have your selection in your CV cart, you can download all the selected employees certificates with just one click. Together with our CV template system, you have all you need to generate your commercial proposals with a little effort.
  • New certification types are created dinamically when employees upload their certificates. This means you could have different names for the same certifications. That’s why a manager user will be able to modify certifications names company wide and unify them keeping your certifications database updated and standardized.
  • Finally, in the statistics section we’ve added a new graph where you’ll get the top ten certifications of all your company, or for specific offices.

Take a look at these screenshots to see how it works: