The problem of finding the right profiles in your company

Are you a talent manager? sales person? HR assistant? Well, you’d probably have been in this situation many times:

Ok, I need to build a team for a proposal. It’s urgent, we may lose the sale opportunity. I need 5 software engineers with:

  • 5 years of Java experience
  • At least 2 years experience in the banking sector
  • English level B2
  • Under 40$/hour
  • From the London Office

You may already have this people in the company or in your applicants pool, but if you don’t have a CV database you’d probably end up writing an email beginning with “Someone knows someone who ….”

You’ll probably get no response to that. Why? Well, because when you find them you’re gonna have to ask them to create a CV in the format your client requires. What’s the problem? Formatting a detailed CV may require hours,

For your employees already assigned to a project, that would be probably on overtime,.. no big deal. And for your applicants, that will be free work, so probably they won’t do it.

Here’s where CuViBox comes into action providing you:

  • A detailed CV database: where the employees register their CVs once, by themselves.
  • An advanced search form: to locate CVs easily and efficiently.
  • An export to Office utility: you can create a template using MS-Word directly, placing and formatting the data where you want easily using data tags.
  • … and, by the way, you get reports on accumulated knowledge and experience on your company.

Benefits for all

  • Your HR people: will be able to locate specific profiles for assignments.
  • Your sales people: will search and export the CVs to commercial formats with a few clicks.
  • Your employees: won’t have to create another CV for another proposal or client.