Skills matrix in CuViBox

We’ve just launched a new CuViBox version which includes this highly demanded feature: the skills matrix.

With the skill matrix what your company gets is:

  • Standardized knowledge and skills tables.
  • Make searching for specific skills easier and more accurate.
  • Make CV knowledges and skills CV section easier to complete, by selecting existing skills or creating new ones on the fly.
  • Avoid common mistakes introducing knowledge using auto-correction with skills synonyms. For example, you can define “React” and “React-js” to auto-correct with “React.js”.
  • Ability to unify different skills into one main skill, so with a few clicks corrections are applied to all the CV database. No more “PL-SQL”, “PL/SQL”, “Oracle PL”… for the same skill “Oracle PL/SQL”.
  • Get more accurate statistics on your company knowledge.

Please take a look at our user manual, for more info. You can also register for a free trial or book a demo.

Here you have some screenshots to see how it works: