Why your company needs its own CV database?

Well, there is LinkedIn, sure! It’s great! …but then you, as a commercial or HR executive, are given a specific list of requisites to create a team for a proposal and some issues arise:

Would you’d like to filter by hourly cost and professional category? These data are internal to your company, like many others. You can’t search for this on LinkedIn.

Does your company uses custom data that should be included? You’d like to have the “Department” field available to make searches? Maybe, a new field “Open to change” to be filled by your employees, meaning they’d like to move to another project? With CuViBox you could define your own custom data at any point and use it in your filters and templates.

Do you need the CV to be focused on some experience? You have found good profiles, but you need them to be focused on some area: database administration, project management, whatever.. you could ask your employees, just to create another version (optionally beginning from an existing CV..) focusing on what you need.

Does your client requires a specific CV format? OK, you found the profiles, but again you have to ask them to fill another format with their CV (i.e. Word document). It could take hours for each to format,.. wouldn’t it be nice to have a customizable template system?

What about your applicants? They are still not linked to your company, but you could request them to fill their CV into your database, or even do it yourself.

Are you sure the CVs you are using are updated? No one likes to update their CV, so, if you don’t have a way to measure the CV upgrade status and request CV updates to your employees, you’ll probably lose some project opportunities. CuViBox lets you make CV tracking campaigns, automating the task of requesting CV updates to your employees.

Do you really know what you are good at? You know at the New York office you have a lot of .NET developers, and that at the London Office there’s more experience in Java, but… How do you measure it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a set of statistics generated from the CVs?

…probably you can think of more reasons, but just think of this: if your company sells professional services, your CV database is like your “inventory“. Regardless of what you are saling, you should have a detailed and updated inventory.