CuViBox Receives Human Resource Management Software Accolade From Trusted B2B Review Site

FinancesOnline, a reputable B2B software review website, has recently awarded CuViBox the Rising Star Award. This recognition is given to tech products that have shown remarkable growth in the market within a short period of time.

FinancesOnline comprehensively evaluated CuViBox’s ratings by examining customer reviews online, feedback from various sources, and social media posts to gauge customer satisfaction. In addition, FinancesOnline provided a detailed review of CuViBox, praising its capabilities as a human resource management tool.

The review praised CuViBox as one of the most reliable online applications for managing internal curriculum vitae that enables you to save detailed CVs of your staff, run complex queries, export the results to personalized office documents, and obtain information on the experience and expertise that your business has. Your personnel and applicants can quickly register their full CVs on CuViBox, enabling you to use advanced filters to identify the right employees or candidates for the job. Additionally, you can use staff data to automatically develop customized office documents, determine where your company’s potential lies, and guide it toward your goals.

The platform is available with both an on-premises and cloud-based design. CuViBox on-premise provides a skills and certifications management feature to enhance searches and statistics and act as a repository for personnel certifications. CuViBox cloud, on the other hand, enables you to launch instantly by offering a hosting service, doing away with the need for downloads and installation in addition to handling the technical aspects of system management, such as availability, backups, and performance.

The reviewers also discussed CuViBox’s centralized system for managing the CVs of staff members and job applicants. Users can create up to 5 CVs using a user-friendly interface. The platform allows for the storage, standardization, and downloading of staff certifications and their CVs. Custom fields can be created at each level to gather required data, which can also be accessed for queries and exports. In addition, CuViBox enables tracking of employees who haven’t created a CV or updated it recently. Personalized email notifications can be sent to prompt them to create or update their CVs.

CuViBox is pleased to have received recognition from FinancesOnline for providing one of the best human resource management software to our customers. We are humbled by the positive feedback we have received and are motivated to continue our pursuit of excellence. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to FinancesOnline for this recognition, as well as to all of our customers and clients for their ongoing support of CuViBox. We remain committed to delivering exceptional services and look forward to continuing to work closely with you to develop better solutions and improve our software.