v.1.18.0 – Projects and clients

We have just launched version 1.18.0 of CuViBox , which is mainly focused on creating a database of customers and internal projects of the company, which can be reused in the editing of employee CVs, speeding up the update process of experiences and giving it greater uniformity.

This is the detailed list of changes for this version:

  • Database of projects and clients :
    • Administrators and managers can define a  database of projects and clients  of the company. This data can be used by employees to  quickly complete their experience records .
    • When uploading an employee file it is possible to enter the  currently assigned project code . This experience will automatically be added to the employee’s CV, if he did not previously have it. If the employee did not have a CV, this experience will be created and added.
    • Employees can modify their experience records to personalize them, even if they refer to an existing project in the database. The changes made later in projects and clients, will only affect those CVs that have not been modified by users.
  • Other improvements :
    • Administrators can now enlist other administrators.
    • A confirmation is entered before leaving a page if any data has been modified.
    • The select2 control is introduced   to improve the operation of the selection fields.
    • The graphics section is updated to make use of the latest version of Google’s graphics libraries  .
    • The secondary menus of the entire application are improved, making them uniform.