v.1.19.0 – Customizable emails and other improvements

We have just released version v.1.19.0 of CuViBox which includes the following improvements:

Customizable email footer

From your CuViBox account you can now customize the footer of all emails sent to your employees and candidates. Access the menu: “Account> Account data ” and then “Customization ” tab. From there you can also change the logo that is displayed at the bottom of all pages and the one that can be included in the exported CVs. This way you can adapt CuViBox to the corporate image of your company.

Verification URL field in courses

A new training verification URL field has been added to enter the verification URLs of each training or course certificate, offered by many platforms.

Edition of employee LinkedIn Profile URLs

It is now possible to edit the URL of the LinkedIn profile associated with each employee.

Other minor changes and fixes

  • Change the tested base PHP version to 7.3. Our Docker image is now based on apache-php-7.3 , improving efficiency and security.
  • Corrects several typographical errors in texts and in the database responsibilites field .
  • Corrects some minor bugs in localization, edition of the projects database, …