v.1.20.0 – GDPR Management

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, has been with us for a long time now and it has come to stay. This version v.1.20.0 of CuViBox contains many improvements focused on:

  • Allow you to exercise your rights as a CuViBox customer in a simpler way ( + info ):
    • Downloading immediately and directly a complete copy of all your company data.
    • Allowing you to deactivate your business account and request its complete deletion at any time.
  • Make it easier for your company to comply with the GDPR with its employees and candidates , simply activating a configuration option ( + info ):
    • All your CuViBox account users (employees, candidates, subcontractors, …) will have to accept the GDPR policy.
    • All users will be able to download a complete copy of their data.
    • Any user may unsubscribe and cancel their user account at any time.
    • All GDPR events are stored and you can consult them with your administrator user.

Note that the regulation defines different responsibilities according to your GDPR role in the use of SaaS services. Here you can find a brief explanation about it.