What is GDPR and how we help you comply with it

On this page you will find information about what is the GDPR , General Data Protection Regulation, how we comply with it in CuViBox and how we help your company to comply with it.

Summarizing, these are the characteristics of this regulation, the obligations it entails and the rights it grants:

  • Application : GDPR applies to any company or entity that performs data processing of European citizens. At CuViBox we apply it in a general way to all our users.
  • Rights that the user has :
    • Know clearly where your data is and what it is obtained for.
    • Get a complete copy of your data at any time.
    • Consult, rectify and edit your data at any time.
    • Unsubscribe and oppose to the processing of your data, even requesting the complete deletion of your data.
  • Roles:
    • There are three main roles at GDPR:
      • The data subject : is the person or entity that owns the personal data to be stored and processed.
      • The data controller : It is the company or entity to which the data subject gives their personal data.
      • The data processor : it is a third company or entity to which the data controller entrusts the processing of the information or any other service. For example, a hosting provider, a consultancy that manages the company’s payroll, …
    • For CuViBox clients, we are Data Controller , in charge of complying with these rules and facilitating the exercise of our clients rights.  
    • For your company , your employees and candidates are the data subject, so your company is the data controller . CuViBox, in this case, is the Data Processor . To make it easier for your company to comply with GDPR, you can activate automatic GDPR management which will:
      • Force your users to accept GDPR terms to use CuViBox .
      • Allow your users to download their personal data, CVs, etc …
      • Allow the complete removal of their user account with all their data.
      • Query and edition of employee data is already part of the basic functions of CuViBox .